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Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile: a deja-vu Rose

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I think Acqua di Parma`s Nobile collection is a line you couldn`t go wrong with if you happen to look for scents with a laid back character which illustrates the Mediterranean effortless style. Until recently their bouquet of flowers contained a refined Iris, a zesty Gelsomino, a fruity Magnolia and now they added a rose to complete the glorious group. So I picked this flower, stuffed my nose in it and here are my thoughts about the new Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile.

Close your eyes and set your mind free…we`re going for a walk.


Imagine a warm summer day somewhere in a balmy and sweet climate on the Mediterranean coast. A mild wind shakes the aromatic bushes and the air is filled with a delicate floral scent. Can you feel the warm rays of the sun caressing gently your face? Now open your eyes…See? I promised you. We are in Piemont in one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens you could imagine… full of hundreds and hundreds of roses. They are tall, proud, fragrant, Royal roses. There, that pink bush near you is the Centifolia Rose, it has a rich crown and is also known as cabbage rose or Rose de Mai. It is highly scented having shades of honey. They`ve been cultivated in this organic garden to produce a special rose oil for this scent. The buds of these species must be hand-picked from May to June always at dawn when the petals are still covered with dew drops.
Let`s continue our walk between these magnificent roses, someone is waiting for us. Can you see her there?
In the middle of the garden is a young woman with a velvet pink ribbon attached in her shiny long hair. Coming closer to her we start smelling something else besides roses, I get a fruity shade, do you? Tart, sour-sweet, could it be from the blackcurrant bush? And I also feel a subtle trace of pepper in the air…and that girl`s face is reminding me of…Oh yes now I can recognize her! She is La Fille de Berlin, the daughter of Serge Lutens who came to visit the Di Parma gardens.

I think there is a certain similarity between this two scents because both are following the same path, presenting a modern take on the rose theme, chosing to explore it`s luminous, fresh and spicy shades by cutting away all the soapy old-fashioned drama. Rosa Nobile is a wonderful nacré pink rose with satin like petals, very fragrant indeed and honey sweet in the middle, being a kind of scent that avoids with grace all extravagances. Again I meet here a piquant version of the rose mostly in the beginning, when my nose gets a hint of some citruses mixed with pepper and then it developes a pleasant sweetness becoming a little jammy in the middle. In time the rose is acompanied and refreshed by a sparkly note of a white peony, that is extremely clean and pure creating therefore a vibrant mixture with the main flower. After several hours Rose Nobile gradually melts on a musky-cedar base caressing my skin with a cozy warm and intimate scent. It is a very easy to wear daytime fragrance for lovers of dazzling roses with a modern twist.


Hi, my name is Raluca! I am born in Romania and live in Switzerland for many years. I love perfumes since I was a little girl and now I am an avid perfume collector and totally dedicated to the amazing world of essences. I am always looking for something new and interesting to discover and among my personal preferences are the delicate and powdery notes, but also some bold orientals. I admire both clasic and niche fragrances with a special twist in them. A good perfume for me should be able to put me in a special mood, to complete and inspire me…things I need when I paint or do photography, my other two passions.

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