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When one thinks of a fougere, one tends to think of the 80’s. Brash, serious, and distant, a fougere is often associated with conservatism and unrestrained masculinity. But the oriental fougere is sometimes different. Playing with the contrast between common fougere elements (often lavender) and sweeter notes (vanilla comes to mind), the oriental fougere smells warm and inviting while retaining many of the characteristics of the fougere.

Enter Aberdeen Lavander. Aberdeen Lavander is different from anything that Creed has done previously or after. I’m not sure what this has to do with Aberdeen, but the lavender element is front and center. There is no cheap lavandin here, nor is there a boring, sheer green lavender element. What is obvious upon first sniff is that the lavender smells complex, deep, vibrantly purple, and unmistakably herbaceous. It is most similar to the lavender in the brilliant Oxford & Cambridge by Czech & Speake, but where that one cuts the purple lavender with a green mint element, Creed uses artemisia and rosemary.

The mid is floral. Lavender (of course) is paired with a surprisingly delicate combination of tuberose, lily, and rose. Like other masculine scents with a floral mid (think Xerjoff Casamorati Mefisto), Aberdeen Lavander smells refined, elegant, and rich—like you have MONEY (!) rich. This is a nice feature, since some lavender/vanilla oriental fougeres (including a few classics) can smell cheap, dated, and utterly ubiquitous.

The base notes are really what make this fragrance shine. Many of you will be familiar with Francis Kurkdjian’s brilliant Masculin Pluriel. Aberdeen Lavander is similar in construction (not quite smell), as it also uses a lovely leather/patchouli/vetiver combination that works brilliantly with the purple lavender. And if you care about that sort of thing, while I find Masculin Pluriel to be a fantastic fragrance, to me Aberdeen Lavander smells a bit more natural. All in all, the result is an exceptionally comforting, greenish/purple, sweet fougere with noticeable hints of leather and patchouli in the dry down.

Fortunately, performance and longevity are just right. Because of its sweet elements and tame (yet not weak) projection and sillage, I like to wear this scent in the fall and winter in lieu of a more traditional green fougere. It fits well in the professional environment, but has enough playful vibes that it could be comfortably used in casual situations. Unlike with many other fougeres, I think a woman could pull this off fairly easily.

Do you fit the descriptions in the first paragraph, yet also have a warm, inviting side? If so, give Creed’s Aberdeen Lavander a proper wearing. It just might be what you’ve been looking for.

The fragrance “Aberdeen Lavander” by Creed is available from Essenza Nobile.

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