Abbott NYC. Somehow, a return to the basics just got better.

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I recently discovered the perfume house of Abbott NYC and was reasonably impressed by their effortless pledge-or it seems like a pledge-to minimalism. Abbott NYC is a new house offering just four fragrances, for now, with a very simple and basic approach at hammering into our olfactory senses at the highest subliminal level. Everything, in their approach is tailor made so perfect by Abbott that at times you might find yourself asking, is that it”. When you examine their fragrances it is simple. They all have three distinct notes, they all are named after famous american tourist destinations: Telluride (famous resort town in Colorado known for its music and film festivals as well as skiing), Mojave(the infamous Nevada-Californian desert), The Cape (possibly Cape Cod Massachusetts) and Sequoia (The Sequoia National Forest replete with legions of tall Sequoia found in numerous groves, 38 to be exact) and they all smell fantastic with their own separate identities and olfactory themes. I’m guessing Abbott made these marvelous wonders for the adventurous ilk but the added bonus is that if you are are the average or above average perfume aficionado that can relate to all around  ‘Good tasting juice’ then Abbott NYC has something for you also.

Now as we return to the fragrance notes again, Abbott wants us to believe that there are only 3 notes in each fragrance to fit the individual theme of the fragrance. When time is made to reflect, the ‘3’ notes makes sense in that one can really concentrate on how they interact together. Telluride is a great example. It is about as smooth, electric and sophisticated as they come but with the suede note to correspond with the whole Telluride, Colorado theme it avoids a typical western 10 gallon hat, flask of whiskey-roughneck persona which usually spells disaster. Telluride comes across as supremely elegant…with only ‘3’ notes. Abbott also wants you to believe that these are colognes but they perform like an EDP with sillage and projection exceeding way beyond expectations. Telluride has ‘other-wordy’ projection but we’ll get into that shortly. With the aid of master scent makers who have created fragrances for the likes of Commes des Garcon, Givenchy, GAP, Burberry and Marc Jacobs Abbott NYC is poised to leave a lasting impression.

Telluride– consists of pepper, suede and tonic bean. The pepper note is important in this composition as it hovers directly above the tonka and suede. It dominates but is not annoying and is even delightful as you visualize tiny bits of pepper being brushed into the coarse suede. While tonka bean remains constant it absorbs some of the harsher edges of pepper to really make this one work. From the first blast pepper and suede notes appear and then give in to tonka bean. Several hours later you are left with a rich pepper-tonka combination and creamy tough suede. Telluride is absolutely wonderful as in each stage it passes through during the day it smells of pure luxury. Telluride is flirty even and cavalier. It has that elite presence you will encounter in some of the classic and vintage perfumes. Bravo and more for Telluride.

Mojave– Citrus, spice and smoky. Mojave uses an honest dose of saffron followed by bergamot and tobacco leaf. It is three parts fresh and two parts dry but makes for an interesting combination. They use tobacco leaf which emits a soothing vegetal note instead of plain dry pipe smelling tobacco. This tobacco is different. What is also pleasant about this fragrance is the bergamot. It is not overly citrus or sweet like most linear fresh fragrances. This bergamot is toned down quite a bit to blend in with the saffron and tobacco leaf. The end result is pure bliss. I don’t think saffron, bergamot and tobacco leaf smelled this good. Abbott really knows how to apply the ‘finishing touch’

Sequoia– Incense, cedarwood and sandlewood. A potent incense note that resembles rain, ash, and what I can detect as fog. It is a liberating incense note followed by notes of freshly cut golden sandalwood and sharp cdgy cedar wood notes. The treat in this perfume is with all the notes blending you receive drifting pine needle notes. The projection in Sequoia is quite like Telluride where the incense and pepper have something in common. Expect deep forrest and incense aromas.

The Cape– Moss, Ginger and Mint. Clean and crisp blasts of herbal, aromatic and spicy notes. The cool notes of mint and ginger mixes superbly with an clean moss note. The three notes together in tandem are a special treat for The Cape. While aromatic and spicy it remains oceanic which I think the Moss notes highlight. Remember, that the moss notes in The Cape prove all moss is not created equal. Expect a deep and invigorating scent.

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