A Musk Odyssey: Saiful Misk from The Misk Shoppe Perfumes

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A Musk Odyssey: Saiful Misk from The Misk Shoppe Perfumes

In Arabic the word ‘Saiful’ translates to: the sword…. that everlasting symbol signifying supreme command, valor, royalty, virtue, righteousness, and every other countless superlative one conjures in passing when this term appropriates your most undivided attention.

Saiful Misk comes as a musk of musks to have!

Washing ashore in a most delicate pristine decorated box with stylish Arabic calligraphy, it opens up to perfume aficionados’ delight: a dark grey metallic Omani shaped royal dagger draped in green precious jewels which is a prelude to the journey once you encounter the aroma of this potent Oriental-Western elixir. While Musk perfumes of late have all been tamed and domesticated for the masses, Saiful Misk remains true, steadfast and unbound with pure unbridled austerity

The formula for this perfume contains the perfect combination of notes to complete a classic East meets West symphony.

The East: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Tonka bean

Far East: Japanese Rose, Orris Root

The West: Vanilla, Cardamom, Cumin

Now…the fun begins. Saiful Misk first appears as a dry heavenly champagne but with much more interesting things going on. The austerity in the combination of spices combined with the brashness of Japanese Rose and the herbal rustiness of Orris Root are the hallmarks of this perfume. They all come to a crescendo bringing a handsome blast of fresh dry champagne and rainy smelling musk! You can taste the orient at one end of the spectrum and Paris at the other….it is so much unifying, this Saiful Misk. But oh no..do not dare forget the roles of Sandalwood, Amber and Tonka Bean among so much virility, for they provide the ‘Frosting’ effect as found on freshly baked cakes. It is so spectacular to witness how the frosting effect completes the mosaic along such powerful ingredients commanding your attention. It is loud, pretentious and bold but supremely elegant. Is it for the meek…emphatically Yes. Is it for the Brave…of course. It is the liberating and unifying principle of the Sword! The notes meander through various stages, dry, moist, rustic, sweet frosting, and a nice Rose-Spice-Orris scratchy at times, musk.

Saiful is the perfect complement for musk in that it brings an formidable edge along with an unfamiliar profile. This has not been done so perfectly until now when The Misk Shoppe perfume house decided to introduce this stellar creation in early 2015 capturing fragrance lovers by the storm. It comes in 28ml of pure concentrated perfume oil which makes this more spectacular. Just the fact that it is perfume oil, Saiful Misk transforms into a 12-hour silage and longevity juggernaut that does not disappoint. It is actually luxury perfume with a most pristine quality that commands 3/4 the price of niche brands. Actually, Saiful Misk is affordable…insanely affordable for the amount of oil it has and the superior oil quality.

Saiful Misk is great for the casual wearer but even spectacular for evening and events. It is a unique fragrance by The Misk Shoppe which has established itself as an established niche perfume house with operations in the United States and Mumbai, India. The have a complete line of oriental fragrances featuring various Oudhs,  mind blowing Jasmine mixes, Mukhallats and their latest musk fragrance the 12-hour Misk Al Risalah. Expect superior quality at affordable prices for their product line consisting of sprays but mostly oils for the Misk Shoppe exclusives. Saiful Misk is among the exclusives which has been generating a buzz of late for its hands down drop dead presence.


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